Do Softwood Pellets Reduce Maintenance Costs for your Wood Pellet Stove?

Wood pellet stove maintenance requires a minimal amount of work, as long as that work is done on a regular basis. How often your wood pellet stove requires basic cleaning depends on the quality of wood pellet burned. Many consumers wonder if using softwood pellets creates less maintenance than burning hardwood pellets, or whether either affects the maintenance schedule in any way. Look at the stove design for a clear answer.

Modern wood pellet stoves are manufactured to burn both types of wood pellets – hardwood and softwood. Vacuuming ash from the firebox, removing carbon buildup and cleaning the baffles will become regular tasks despite choosing one pellet over the other. You may find, however, that certain brands and pellet price points produce less ash and result in less carbon buildup, making your maintenance jobs easier and quicker.

What Is the Magic Pellet?

Each wood pellet stove owner will have different preferences. Most wood pellet retailers know the popular brands and recommend high quality wood pellets in both hardwood and softwood, and highly rated, blended wood pellets offer an affordable balance between the two types.

While softwood tends to burn cleaner and at higher temperatures, reducing emissions and ash, you might find a blended brand produces similar results at a lower price. Try a few different brands and avoid limiting your options to strictly softwood; you will find a wood pellet brand that delivers the heat and efficiency you need at a price you can afford.

Remember that your wood pellet stove works well with both softwood and hardwood pellets. Blended brands also deliver optimum heat and keep maintenance to a minimum. Consult with your local retailer about brands that optimize the results of your particular wood pellet stove. And remember to trust in your own experience — those maintenance tasks will be your job after all.

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